Not Dating

Not Dating? Start It Now!

There are many people in this world who are not in the dating game. In fact, they are not interested in dating at all. What! Do such creatures actually exist? Yes.

Can we recognize this species in the crowd? How do they look? Are they blue in color?

Well, well, they are the same as you and me. They are human and normal! It is just that they do not prefer to date. Not because they are lazy or ugly or silly or suffer from low self-esteem, but because that is how they choose to live. They feel better without a special person in their lives. They are comfortable with their friends circle and family.

Sometimes I think that they are lucky. They do not have to worry about heartbreaks or maintaining a relationship or even bearing their beloved’s tantrums.

Recognizing The “Not Dating” Types

You can tell a person is not dating by observing the following traits in him or her:
•    They do not visit happening places where there are chances of meeting dates. They hardly join clubs, chat sites, volunteer, or involve themselves in activities that expose them to the opposite sex.
•    They do not wish the opposite sex or engage in any conversation with them. They are more reserved when it comes to such things.
•    They are careful about random social interactions where there might be unexpected encounters with dating people.
•    They only associate with their colleagues, family members, friends and neighbors.
•    They are hardly seen in social gatherings or parties. If they have to attend such events, then they confine themselves to their familiar group of people.
•    You will never find them sitting alone in a club or a pub having a drink. What if someone asks them out?
•    If you start a conversation with such no-dating people, then they answer back using a precise number of words and no further than that.

You might find such people boring. However, they are not what they seem to be. For them, dating is not the only important thing in this world. There are much better things to do for them. Such people have the potential to be good friends. They may be more productive at work also, as they do not have to deal with heartbreaks or mood swings due to fights with their beloveds.

Shed Your No Dating Image

However, you cannot go the “no dating” way all your life. Someday, you would need to come out from your shell. Dating is not that risky or bad that you have to shun it. It is fun. You learn about various people, their cultures, their views and ways to deal with them. You increase the chances of getting the best partner.

So, it is more than enough of choosing the safer way. Be gutsy and start dating. You will be shocked to find out how much fun you have been missing out on because of your no dating approach!

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