Friends or Dating

How To Tell The Difference Between Friends And Dating…

Can you tell the difference between friends and dating? Just because you talk with your friend everyday, share lunch, and drop her home doesn’t mean she’s dating material. People tend to associate long term friendship with love. And with certain movies depicting friendship that ends with wedding bells, it has become imprinted in the minds of people that friendship between the opposite sexes leads to love. This is not always true.

Take Your Best Friend On A Date? Nah!

You need to know the difference between friends and dating. And when you know this, you’ll never make the mistake of asking your best friend out. There’s a fine line between liking someone and loving them. The girl who sits in the cabin beside you at the workplace may not be your friend. In fact, you may not know her at all. However, you might want to date her!

It’s not important to be friends first and then go out on a date. You can date a perfect stranger. Romantic love mostly sparks with chemistry between two individuals. They need not be friends or acquaintances. They can be total strangers.

You Can’t Date Your Clone!

It’s not necessary that your hobbies should match that of the other person in order to date him or her. Your opinion may not be in line with the other person’s every time, yet you can successfully develop a relationship through mutual respect and understanding of each other’s emotions and beliefs.

Friendship develops over time. You cannot distinguish a fair weather friend and a true friend just by having coffee in a restaurant a couple of times. However, you can definitely date a person a couple of times and get an idea about whether you would want to enter into a relationship with him/her or not. This is the difference between friends and dating.

The Love Effect

Want to really know the difference between friends and dating? Well, with friends, you can completely be yourself. When you see your friend arriving, you don’t check whether your makeup is perfect or whether your dress looks gorgeous. In fact, you can meet your friend while being just out of the bed or even with a sweat shirt on after a game of tennis!

When you get butterflies in your stomach; when your mouth goes dry; when you’re fumbling with words; and when your heart beats so loud- it seems like you’ve fitted a Dolby sound system inside – the you and this person can never be just friends. He or she is your dream date!

If you know the difference between friends and dating, you would never mix romantic love with love for friends. You would be called level headed amongst your peers. Besides, you’ll be more popular among the opposite sex, as they know you won’t mess your friendship with them by asking them out one fine day.

Being able to tell the difference between friends and dating is a skill, and an important one. Once you develop it, you know whom to take out for candle light dinner and whom to call for a group movie.

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