Friends After Dating

Can You Be Friends After Dating?

Can you be friends after dating? Not even one in a million chances! Let’s keep it straight guys – don’t waste time in wooing your friend to be ‘just friends’ once again, after you have spent hours together at the beach, trying to explore each other romantically. Once you have dated your best friend and it did not work, you have lost her friendship forever. This is as true as the fact that the sun rises in the east.

Friends No More

Friends change a lot after dating. In fact, your friendship gets morphed into something alien. It cannot be restored to its original emotion. This is one of the harshest things about dating. However, you will have to accept it. About 60 percent of the people leave friendship aside after dating.

They just cannot come to their “friendship” self again with their lover. It is like this – once you are born and you do not like the world, you cannot go back to your mother’s womb! You will have to die to leave the world! The same becomes of friendship after dating – once friendship spawns into love, it cannot go back. If love does not work, then the friendship has to die!

What if She Says “Yes”?

There are 99 percent chances that she does not mean it. She just does not want to hurt you. Or maybe it is difficult for her to accept that her best friend is no longer what he used to be. She is struggling to come to terms with this new development, just as you are.

Think about this: will you be able to go white water rafting like you did before? Will you be able to pat her on the cheek without recalling how you dated or kissed her? Will you be able to laugh and cry the same way as friends do? Nah! Well, you might want to say “yes” to all these questions. Say whatever you wish, but one thing is sure – you cannot look upon your friends as just friends, after dating. It is human. Accept it.

A Wise Decision

You lose your friends after dating. Some are lucky to gain a lover. Others may gain a heart break. Remember, once you have crossed the boundaries of friendship, do not look back. If dating works, great! If it doesn’t, move on with life. But, DON’T look back!

It will be wise to bring an end to the friendship with mutual respect towards each other’s feelings. I know it is easier said than done. And being wise? Well, when your heart breaks, wisdom is the last thing that comes to your mind! You are flooded with mixed emotions. However, you need to find your wisdom quickly, if you want to avoid being jeered at by your own guilt that you lost a beautiful friendship with your friend after dating.

Somebody once made a flying remark that made me sit up and take notice. The remark was, “People are ready to bear broken hearts. But they are not ready to become friends after dating. Is this really human or is there a silent functioning of ego here?”

Whatever may be the case, the truth is that you cannot be friends after dating.

One thought on “Friends After Dating

  1. I couldn’t disagree more. Sure, in certain circumstances it might be impossible to go back to friends if trust was destroyed, etc. But otherwise, after taking a few steps back and taking some time to move on staying friends, even best friends is not a ridiculous concept.. In fact I’ve seen it happen multiple times. Is the dynamic of the friendship different? Perhaps, depending on the circumstances. But is it impossible to be friends? Definitely not!

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