Dating Your Ex’s Friend

Dating Your Ex’s Friend Is A Bad Idea!

Are you nuts? What makes you think it is acceptable dating your ex’s friend? Okay, I understand that you like her. She is hot. She is intelligent. And she loves basketball, just like you. However, she is your ex’s friend!

Don’t You Care About Your Reputation?

If you care about your reputation, then I think that you should drop the idea of dating your ex’s friend, now! What would your ex think about you? Okay, you don’t care about your ex. She is out of your life and it does not matter what she thinks. Fine. Yet, you have a reputation to uphold. You and your ex will live in the same city with the same hangouts and the university. What if she starts spreading rumors about you that are in a bad light? It might hamper your academic growth and your career prospects.

No, no! Neither can you stop her, nor can you file a case of verbal abuse against her. It is you who are at fault. Dating your ex’s friend and then complaining about her interfering in your personal life! My, my, how mean can you get!

Beware, Your Dating Heart’s In Danger!

By dating your ex’s friend, you are giving her a chance to take revenge from you. If it was you who had broken the relationship, then she will avenge the pain that you had inflicted upon her. And if she was the one to break up with you, then how can you be sure about her friend? It is said that birds of the same feather flock together. So, if you believe that your ex is a snob, then you cannot expect her friend to be a dainty damsel as well. They may even conspire together to break your heart.

Other Fish In The Dating Pond

I know it is hard to forget someone whom you like. You have already experienced this before. Once again, you may feel the pain. However, it is not as intense as it might become by dating your ex’s friend and being ditched by her.

If you and your ex are on bad terms with each other, then you should NEVER think of befriending her friend. Both the ladies can scheme up against you and destroy you! (And don’t underestimate girl power!)

On the other hand, if you and your ex are on good terms with each other, then you may not want to hurt her more by dating her friend. There are times when you have no grudges against each other, but you have to part ways due to unavoidable circumstances. It is then a mutual decision. If this is your case, then dating your ex’s friend might lead to resentment.

Whatever be the situation, but to maintain your self-respect and dignity, you should not date your ex’s friend, no matter how much you like her. Your reputation is more important than dating just any hot gal!

Meeting New People

Another thing you can do is to travel around and do what you enjoy doing. A lot of times you will bump in to people. I know from experience that there are many wonderful people out there and that traveling or just getting out and about is a great way to meet a girl.

You also have other friends, no one is going to forget about you if you spend a little less time with them, in fact letting things cool off may be best.

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