Dating Your Best Friend

Dating Your Best Friend Can Be Mind Blowing!

Dating your best friend? At last, it has finally happened! Something that you would have never thought of in your wildest dreams, but here it is – a bizarre reality staring right into your eyes! Moreover, you – well – you are still in a state of frenzy.

You were sitting on the sofa together and watching a movie. Suddenly it strikes you that she is the one for you! Was it out of the blue or was it concealed somewhere in your heart? Well, it started with holding hands,  and there you were – kissing each other with such intensity as if you were born lovers!

Omigosh! You are dating your best friend! But, it just happened. And now you love her more than anything else in the world!

Before you collapse into coma thinking about dating your best friend and whether it was the right thing to do or not, read on. There are advantages and disadvantages of everything in this world. Dating your best friend, comes with its own share of positive and negative points. Whatever the case you don’t need blackout blinds, it’s not as bad as you think. Many people may expect it. Before I go any farther, check out the pros and cons.

Plus Points to Dating Your Best Friend

•    You know her already. You are familiar with her likes and dislikes. You know her habits and nature. So, you need not start from square one, asking her about her hobbies and all that introductory stuff. You can straightaway talk about your bathroom manners, including who will put the toilet seat down!
•    You are gratified. With the woman of your dreams in your arms, you have the world at your feet! She is the same woman whom you liked and befriended.
•    Great sex. Don’t believe this? Well, you are dating your best friend. You have probably talked about this before, expressing your opinions on this sanctified thing. How keenly you were listening to her when she confessed that she wears almost nothing to bed! And now for the biggest surprise – she has made notes too, on what you like enjoy the most during mating! Hey, man, this is great! You already feel comfortable with each other in bed!

Minus Points to Dating Your Best Friend

•    Now that she knows you so well, it will be hard for you to lie to her and have a blast with the guys whole night. You both have the same group of friends. So, she would know everything that you do behind her back!
•    You start suspecting her. No, you don’t want to, but you can’t help it. She has got a room mate and it’s a he! When you were not dating your best friend, this notion never even crossed your mind. But now, the thought of your lady with another guy in the same room is eating you up. Watch the transformation – her same old room mate has become “another guy’ for you!
•    You will lose quality time with your friend circle. Come weekend and you are dating your best friend. Come another weekend, and you are again dating your best friend! Where is the time to hang out with your group? Those concerts, computer shows, group movies, parties, white water rafting – you’re gonna miss it all!

Guys, you have made your choice. You are dating your best friend. Think about it this way- you gain some; you lose some!

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