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Is He a Playboy? Dating Multiple People

Alright fella’s nowadays, you boys aren’t the only ones who enjoy playing the field. Ah no, us ladies too, have discovered your secrets into the lifestyle of being a player and we’re playing the field like the pro’s. We’ve skipped the Minor’s and we’re into the Major’s and our batting stats are on fire, as we steadily are hitting those Grand Slams! I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to having a couple of rotator’s going on in my many dating spree’s.

For all of you unaware as to what I’m talking about, the rotator is when you’re seeing more than one person at a time and it typically involves quite a few. My highest was seven and that’s without even trying! So now that we’re all on the same page, let me assure you that I am full aware of the thrills and excitement that go into being a player. It’s quite the rush to know that you have a continual supply of dates going all at the palm of your Blackberry.

Of course, we all have a bit of bragging rights as we enjoy this frenzy and gloat to our friends about all the fun we’re having and what we’ll look forward to next. I get it, I’ve done it and thankfully, I’ve now burnt the T-shirt! As much fun as I had always dating, meeting someone new and enjoying my next rush with my next date, I admit, I was still incredibly disappointed.

I had a girlfriend who had a very happy relationship and they often enjoyed each others company. They were always laughing and running off to their next date or day of relaxing together. As soon as I’d see them go, little Miss Playgirl, would burst into tears, as I wished that my life had a significant other to enjoy the daily mundane things that couples do together. Despite the fact that I could’ve picked up the phone and called anyone of those guys on my “rotator”, it wasn’t all cracked up to what it was meant to be.

I wanted more, I wanted someone that I could cuddle on the sofa and watch a movie with. I wanted someone that I could spend my lazy Saturday’s with, running out for a late breakfast and then spending the rest of the day relaxing on the beach. I wanted someone that would hold me when things would get rough and let me know that everything was going to be okay as they sweetly kissed me on the cheek. For most of these things, a guy on my “rotator” wasn’t going to do the job. No, I needed a special someone to play this role.
So at this point, you may be wondering as to why I’ve gone into so much detail about being a Playgirl and the disappointments I experienced in the midst of my “rotator” days. Well fella’s it’s really simple, if you’re not at the place where you’re ready to cuddle that someone on the couch, then you just may not be ready. You see, if playing the field is still incredibly exciting to you, then my dear, you may need to sit on the bench if you’re considering getting into a meaningful relationship.

Trust me, I get it, I get the rush and the excitement we all get out of having person after person, interested in getting to know us and ready for random times of craziness. But if this is still all too exciting for you, then getting to really know a woman and getting inside of her head to know “What She’s Thinking About You”, may not be the right thing for you.

You see, us gals are all wondering, “Is He a Playboy?” Because once you start diving in and really get to know what we’re all about, the last thing we want to find out is you’ve got several other subjects of interest and we’re just #32 on that list of a hundred. No gal wants to feel like she’s apart of some pile up and when it’s convenient for you, you’ll give us a call. Absolutely not. You see when we really let you in, we want to make sure that you are eye’s are set and locked in on us.

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