Dating Your Ex

Dating Your Ex… Do You Really Want To?

Thinking about dating your ex? Well, you can’t just call him/her and say, “Let’s date again!” This is a ‘potentially dynamite’ situation that you need to handle with care. Or else, you might end up with more pieces of your heart shattered!

It’s said that time is the biggest healer. But, the pitfall with time is that it heals slowly. Sometimes, it gets difficult to bear the pain or loneliness. It’s here that you begin thinking about dating your ex. Is it really out of love? In most of the cases, it’s out of either sheer boredom or loneliness!

Analyzing The “Why” of Dating

Before you think about dating your ex, it’s vital to recall the day when you two had split. Analyze why you did it. There was something you didn’t like and hence, parted ways, right? Will it change now once you begin dating your ex again? There can be any reason for breaking up. Perhaps you experienced a bad time with him/her and just walked out from the relationship. Will you put in more efforts to regain and retain your relationship now?

Perhaps you had a fight. Here, you need to recall whether the fight was over some petty matter or a big issue. Was it out of impulse that you split? If yes, there might be scope for dating your ex and learning from your mistake.

What if your partner had cheated on you or abused you? Would you still want to go back to such a person? Besides, who broke up? If it was you, okay. If it was your lover, does he or she really want to re-unite?

Think With Your Mind, Not Your Heart When Dating Your Ex

Due to the sheer intensity of the pain that is involved in heart breaks, some people would rather think about reuniting with their ex than going through this agonizing experience. This is so very silly! Mull over this: you broke up for a reason. After dating your ex, will the person change? Nope! And if you two are really incompatible, it’s useless to start all over again. Maybe you might even spend a few dates happily. And just when you start appreciating your decision to date again, the same old differences crop up. Will you be able to handle a second heartbreak then?

You need to have a few good reasons to begin thinking about dating your ex. Love is NOT a good reason to reunite! Maybe the other person doesn’t love you; or maybe he or she is abusive or doesn’t respect you; or maybe your lives’ missions don’t match. In such cases, no matter how deeply you love the other person, you need to part ways.

You’ve pondered over the whole situation. You still think dating your ex makes sense. Alright; go ahead then! Talk to the person face-to-face. You can observe their body language and expressions. A phone talk is the next best alternative. It’d be better to avoid e-mails. You never get to know the real feelings of a person through electronic communication.

To avoid a second jolt to your heart by dating your ex, think once again before going on to say “hello.”

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