Dating – Can Love be the One Solution

All You Need is Love

One of my favorite movies is called “Across the Universe”, where the entire movie is songs from the Beatles, mixed into a theme of a love story and adventure. Of course, the all time classic song “All You Need is Love” is featured in the movie, which has you bobbing your head back and forth and grinning like an episode of Mr. Rogers.

As much as I love this song, a question has popped in my mind. In relationships, is it really true… can love be the one solution? Well, the answer really isn’t so simple. You see, love doesn’t necessarily pay bills that are overdue, it doesn’t put food on the table and it doesn’t solve a severe need of adequate communication.

I’ve seen couple after couple, marry because they felt like they were in love, only to have the real world beat the snot out of their brains! What once seemed like a couple madly in love, turns into a frenzy of arguments, frustration and love seems to go out the window!

I think where we miss the line is the fact that love is far more than just a feeling we experience with our significant other, but it’s something that takes time to develop, and it takes two people committed to see each other through life’s ups and downs and twists and turns.

Yes, I believe when there is a mature love there, it can sustain you through difficult times and will remain, even when you don’t necessarily feel it. However, this type of love takes time and needs to be nurtured.

Make sure that you’re definition of love goes past just feelings and has substance that will hold you together, despite the odds. Do we all need love… absolutely!

Written by Arica Angelo

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