Dating Friends

Think Before Dating A Friend

Is dating a friend a sin? Not really! You can always fall in love with your best friend. There is a plus point too. You get a partner whom you already like and know well. You are familiar with his or her nature, temperament, hobbies, dislikes and secrets. Since you are compatible as friends, so there is a good chance of being compatible as lovers.

All hell breaks loose when your friend doesn’t harbor the same feelings for you! There is a possibility that dating a friend would not work. Then you decide to be friends once again. But, this is not as easy as it seems to be. In fact, many people believe that it is impossible to revert back to the original friendship once you have dated your friend. The essence of friendship is lost amidst love bites.

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To Date Or Not To Date…

This is a tricky situation. There is no definite answer for it. It depends more upon your thinking or beliefs. Some people may never think about dating a friend, even if they feel romantically drawn towards him/her. It is because, they think about it as unethical. Some may be plain afraid. They lack the guts to ask their friend whether he or she feels the same way or not.

Although most of you might cringe at this idea, but it is best to shoot a direct question regarding dating a friend. After all, he or she is your friend and shall understand your feelings without getting offended.

Dating, A Risky Business

Dating a friend is a risky thing to do. Yes, it is true that they are your friends and would understand your feelings. But what if they say, “How could you even think like this about me?” You can already sense your friendship tearing apart!

Is yet another possibility. You have no qualms regarding dating a friend. Both of you decide to date. What happens if you find out that you two are incompatible as a couple? Will you be able to come back to being just friends? Can you bear parting with your friend? It is a lose-lose situation. You do not get a lover and you lose a friend too. These are a few things that you need to contemplate before dating a friend.

Dating a Friend

Dating a friend becomes successful only when both the parties reciprocate their feelings towards each other and are ready to work on it. When this happens, it turns out to be a beautiful transition from friendship to love.

So, before you take this drastic step, observe your friend’s feelings. Is there chemistry between both of you? Take time to understand whether you are made for each other as friends or lovers. Usually, when there is a strong attraction, you naturally come closer and become more than just friends. Your friendship gradually turns into a romantic relationship. There are cases where the best of friends have turned out to be the best partners.

Therefore, it is not that dating a friend always results in broken hearts. It is just that you need to be very, very careful before doing this.

Staying Friends

One of the most important things in any relationship is keeping up on communication. Having dated several times and being married, having an unbalanced relationship can be a real killer. Many friends get in to the habit of just hanging out and watching tv, movies or doing other activities in which they don’t get better acquainted with one another or share their new ambitions.

It’s very easy to think that you know a person so well that you think you can even guess their responses before they finish, or even start their sentence. I’ve done this many times, and while in many cases I am correct in guessing, just as you might be, there are many other cases where I’m wrong. And even in the cases where I’m right, it doesn’t help the situation to cut the other person off. While it might seem to save time, believe me, the costs later outweigh any temporary gains.

It’s very important to learn patience and listening.

Equally important is learning how to speak. One should never abuse a listening ear by using your time to speak by speaking abusively or in an accusing manner.


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  1. Dating a strange person is not secure. Ladies are more careful now. It’s better to go for the friends who we know and know us very well.

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